About us

Donegal SPCA 

Donegal SPCA has come a long way since its inception in 2007, with many projects under our belt that we're very proud of, most notably the building of the Donegal ARC (Animal Rehabilitation Centre). Since the completion of the ARC, we have moved on to other important projects. Our team of volunteers spend time educating groups/schools and the general public about responsible pet ownership and the rights and welfare of animals. We also campaign on behalf of animals for new laws that have not yet been written. 

Our aim

The aim of Donegal SPCA is the prevention of cruelty to animals through Education and other means.


How you can help 

As always, your support is very important to this work. You can get involved by volunteering to help us educate or by fundraising to support our Education and Neutering programs. 

Donegal SPCA combats cruelty from different angles: 
1) We educate children, adults, companies, groups, etc., about cruelty. We do this through leaflets, calling in to schools, our facebook page, power point presentations and any other way we can also. 


Education is the key to progress and is a full time job in itself.  It takes money to print leaflets, invite experts to do talks or workshops, and educate in general, so we rely heavily on public donations to help us to do that. 

2) We deal with actual cruelty cases at the moment by asking people to report the cruelty to the ISPCA on 1890 515 515. The report will then be investigated. Always report cruelty, never leave an animal to suffer. 


3) Depending on funds, we also help to neuter as many animals as possible. Again, we depend on public donations or legacies to do that. We appreciate all donations regardless of how large or small they are. Thank you for your support.